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The SEO Shop is where you'll find several amazing resources  created to help business owners learn and implement SEO so that they can have a stronger website and blog that generate leads.

seo education at your own pace

SEO Basics Course

This course walks you through all of the basic foundations of great SEO.  Learn how to start showing up in search results and transform Google into the biggest source of leads and income in your business!


Uplevel your seo strategy

Keyword Cannibalization
Mini Course

See how you could be hurting your own SEO rankings, find ways to discover these problems, and learn how to both fix and prevent them.


Looking to DIY your SEO?

The SEO Roadmap


The SEO Roadmap Checklist gets straight to the point. Work your way through this list of 32 action items to whip your website and blog's SEO into shape!

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Don't want to go it alone?

Let's tackle your SEO together!

Maybe the idea of doing SEO all by yourself feels like too much. Well, I've crafted a few different ways that you can get the personalized help and feedback that you're after.  Take a look!

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