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The SEO BAsics Course

The simple, easy-to-understand SEO Course you've been looking for. Learn how to start showing up in search results and transform Google into the biggest source of leads and income in your business!

9 Modules, 48 Lessons
1 Big Transformation 

Let's break it down

This course walks you through all of the basic foundations of great SEO. From Google's E-E-A-T guidelines to page structure to alt text to keyword research to blogging strategy AND tons of video walkthroughs showing it all in action... this SEO course covers it all!

giving you everything you need 
to climb the rankings and get to page 1!

there are no shortcuts


While easy buttons and magic wands don't exist in the realm of SEO, what does exist is incredible marketing and growth potential for your business.

If you're looking for overnight success, then SEO isn't for you.

But if you're interested in getting off that social media hamster wheel and finding a much more stable source of leads on the BIGGEST platform around, then you're in the right place.

This course is for you if

you find yourself wondering...

How do I tell Google what I want to show up for in the search results?

Why are heading tags important and how do I change them?

How can I adjust my photos so that my pages load fast but they're still high quality?

What is keyword research and where do I put keywords on my website?

What sort of topics should I be blogging about? I thought blogging was dead...

Is getting published the only way to go up in the Google rankings?

Where do I find out what my ranking is on Google?

How can writing lots of blog posts actually hurt my ability to rank?


Real Course Students

in their own words

grow your business

"It has only been a few weeks since I made changes to my website using things I learned in the course and I've already seen results. I can't say enough good things about this course."

- Gracie Brooks


"There were so many moments where things that had me completely confused before, make so much more sense now."

- Sara Dorman

take action now

"Christy includes lots of step-by-step instructions and it was SO easy to make the changes. I had a lot of  'ah-ha' moments."

- Adrienne Cooper

move forward with confidence

"I have a lot to implement! But I feel so much better knowing WHAT I need to do, instead of feeling lost and confused."

- Liberty Schroen

The SEO Basics Course




17 step-by-step tutorials

seo progress tracker

student only facebook group for support

Tell. Me. Everything!

What the course covers

Module one 

SEO Overview

You'll start off the course by learning about the top ranking signals on your website as well as Google's quality rater guidelines.

Module Two 


One of the largest sections, this module covers everything from what keywords are to where they go to how to find the right ones and much more.

Module Three 

Tags & Structure

In this module, you'll understand how Google actually reads the text within your pages and posts through tags, titles, meta descriptions. and structuring.

Module Four

Image Optimization

Images are vital to marketing your business. This module explains how to properly optimize your images for quality, size, naming, and descriptions.

Module Five 

Quality Content

Learn how to find what information searchers are really looking for so that you can be the best resource available and show up higher in the SERP's.

Module Six

Content Strategy

Creating content can be a huge waste of time if you don't understand the strategy behind what type of content you should actually spend your time making.

Module Seven


Links are what make up the threads of the World Wide Web! This module teaches you about the different types and how to build a strong link profile.

Module Eight

Google's Tools + Blogging

Search Console and Analytics 4 are powerful tools that are provided by Google for free! Learn what useful insights you can get from each of them.

Module Nine

Local SEO

How do you make sure Google shows your business in your local area? This module explains how to boost the location-based SEO signals you send to Google.

In case you're wondering...

Is this course only for seo beginners?

When I was creating this course, I intentionally asked a few business owners with existing SEO knowledge to go through the lessons and give me their honest opinions.

I wanted to make sure that this course went beyond "surface-level SEO" and truly presented information and tactics that even someone with SEO experience could benefit from.

This is what they said...



" I have taken a lot of courses over my 14 years as a photographer. I've taken a couple of SEO-specific courses and this one is by far my favorite. It is so detailed and informative. If you’re looking to learn SEO and finally feel like you get it, look no further than this course! Just buy it already!"

Liz Courtney

"I have taken other SEO courses in the past that were dry, long, and boring. The SEO Basics Course totally blew me away!!! This honestly was one of the BEST courses I have ever taken. I learned something new in every single section of the course. It really is 100% worth it!"

- Deanna Holly

" I thought my knowledge on SEO was pretty extensive. I've also invested in some not worthwhile education, so I'm always a little bit skeptical. I am so glad that I decided to take Christy's SEO Basics course. Even the seasoned vet in SEO will benefit from this course."

Jacque Sudbrock

a little more info for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any additional programs to watch or implement the material?

Nope! All you need is internet access! I do mention several SEO tools throughout the course that are super useful, but every single tool is either totally free or has a free option/alternative  ;)

Do I get lifetime access to the course? What about future course changes?

Absolutely! Every student receives lifetime access to the course. If I update existing course content, you'll receive those updates free of charge.

How and when will I receive access to the course?

Right away! As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email as well as  your login information. Then you can dive in immediately!

Do you offer a payment plan to purchase the course?

Yes. Currently I offer two different payment options. You can choose to purchase the course in full or in installments of  three smaller payments.

What about changes to SEO? Will the course be updated? 

Yes, SEO is constantly evolving as technology and our digital landscape change. But the foundations of great SEO (what I teach in this course) have stayed mostly the same for years.

If there are big changes to the SEO space or Google's expectations of websites and content, I will certainly add updates to the course to reflect current SEO best practices.

Does the course apply to all types of businesses?

Without a doubt. The concepts that I teach in the course are applicable to any business looking to understand and improve their SEO.

Many of the examples used in the course are geared towards creative small business owners, but any type of business can apply these principles. If you need help working through how to apply a concept, reach out in the students-only Facebook group!

Hey there! I'm Christy!

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When I started my career as a photographer, I had no freakin' idea how many "little" things I would need to learn as a business owner!

After paying for a professional, expensive website redesign that made false SEO promises, and moving my business clear across the country... I quickly (and painfully) realized the importance of SEO.

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...because you just want to focus on the pretty stuff, right?

Specializing in seo for creative small businesses

I know you didn't start your business itching to create marketing plans, learn the latest software, and track metrics on spreadsheets. Neither did I. I wanted to have a fun, creative outlet, be my own boss, and create beautiful photos. But SEO managed to steal my heart.

And while I don't expect you to nerd out with me, I do want you to get excited about using Google to build the business you dreamed of at the start of your creative journey.

Yes! I am SO ready to

Learn SEO!

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I stay on top of SEO changes so you don't have to. Join other creative entrepreneurs on my mailing list to receive monthly emails, education, and SEO freebies right in your inbox!

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