Website Technical Audits


It's time to dig in to how your website is really set up! Are you sending the right signals to Google? Beautiful work & intriguing copy are pointless if your website is invisible to clients searching online...

The Breakdown

hours of feedback to follow along with


number of videos to watch and review


average ranking position improvement

on average

You Can Expect

I'll Review These Technical SEO Elements

This type of audit focuses on the technical setup of your website as well as proper integration of your keywords.

The Technical SEO Audit includes: 

  • Heading tags and page structure review
  • Page title formatting
  • Length of meta descriptions for selected pages
  • URL formats on each of these pages
  • Page Speed performance check (focused on image sizing)
  • Alt text in images + image file naming optimization
  • Google Search Console errors
  • Sitemap indexing if needed
  • Broken links review

How We Fix Your Website's SEO

what it looks like to work together

Step One: Let's talk specifics.

We'll chat via Google Meet about your specific SEO goals.

Jumping into the SEO world can be a little scary. I get it! This first call together is all about understanding where you and your website are right now versus where you want to be. No jargon. No confusing data charts. I simply want to learn more about you, your business, and what you're hoping to accomplish together during your Technical Website Audit.

Step Two: Time to get to work.

After a few account setups, I'll perform & film your audit.

Once I have access to your website platform and analytics, the real fun can begin! I'll take you step-by-step through my perfected 20+ point checklist. You'll be able to watch me as I work through each and every optimization step. Not only do I show you how to correct everything, but I also explain the reasoning behind all of my recommendations.

Step Three: Resource Delivery

You'll get a private video playlist and detailed notes within 2 weeks!

Once I've finished combing through the pages selected for your audit, I'll upload all of your video recordings to a private online playlist. You'll be able to access your videos from your phone, computer, or even your TV! Be prepared to receive 3-4 hrs of video content along with my notes for this Technical Website audit-- even more if you got the Audit Bundle!

Step Four: Ask me anything.

Once you've watched your videos, you'll get to ask me your questions!

The last thing I want to do is to give you all that SEO feedback & knowledge and then leave ya hangin'! So within one to two weeks of receiving your videos, we'll have a 1 hour call together (or longer if you did the Bundle). During the call, you can ask me any questions that came to mind as you watched your website audit and review!

The Technical Website Audit

Making sure your SEO is setup the right way while helping you learn in the process.

+ One Discovery Call prior to Audit to craft your SEO strategy
+ Video screen recordings of entire audit (avg. of 12 videos, 3-4 hrs)
+ Personalized PDF containing all Audit notes
+ Screenshots of main keyword research performed
+ Delivery of all resources within 2 weeks
+ One 60-mins call after Audit is complete to review questions

What's Included :



* Payment plans are available. A retainer will reserve a space for you on my calendar. Must be paid in full for audit to be performed.

Who is a Website Technical Audit For?

You want...

a different way of marketing yourself that doesn't involve chasing after social media

You struggle to...

bring in a steady stream of inquiries to meet your business goals

You have...

a website that you're proud of & that you want to be found in search

Are you ready to finally take charge of your SEO this year?

book your audit now!

Meet your SEO coach

I'm Christy - SEO specialist for creative business owners.

After paying for a professional, expensive website redesign that made false SEO promises AND moving my wedding photography business clear across the country... I quickly (and painfully) realized the importance of SEO.

I then decided to tackle SEO head-on and, in the end, I found a new passion and challenge that I absolutely love.

Now I'm passing on everything I've learned (and continue to learn) about SEO to help my fellow entrepreneurs make their business dreams a reality by increasing their visibility with online search.

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