The SEO Coaching Program

taking the stress & guesswork out of learning seo

This SEO mentorship approach combines a thorough education, personalized website and content reviews, and 1-on-1 SEO coaching. Learn the foundations, make the changes, and strengthen your marketing power.

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You Can Expect

The Breakdown

average ranking position improvement


hours of feedback to follow along with


number of videos to watch and review


increase in site visitors in the first 3 months alone

Even more reasons to say yes

The bonuses.
Resources + Strategies + Support

Bonus one

5 Custom Content Ideas

Kick off your new content strategy with a bang! No blinking cursor for you! I'll provide you with 5 custom content ideas to get you found online by potential clients searching online.

Bonus three

SEO Metrics & Progress Tracker

Those data charts don't mean anything if you don't know what you're looking at! Learn exactly what metrics to review each month so that you know what to work on.

Bonus two

The Repurposing Checklist

Make that unique & helpful content you're creating work overtime for you! See how you can use one blog post to show up on multiple platforms in dozens of different posts!

Bonus four

More 1:1 Video Call Time

We'll be working together for quite awhile going through the SEO course & your comprehensive audits. In this program, we'll have an additional 90-mins call together for added support.

Plus an even sweeter bundle discount...

I'll Review All of these Technical & Content SEO Elements

This complete SEO coaching mentorship leaves nothing out! In addition to full access to The SEO Basics Course and all of the bonuses, you'll also get a personalized SEO Audit Bundle. I'll go into your own website with my SEO microscope!

The SEO Audit Bundle includes: 

  • Heading tags and page structure review
  • Page title formatting
  • Length of meta descriptions for selected pages
  • URL formats on each of these pages
  • Page Speed performance check (focused on image sizing)
  • Alt text in images + image file naming optimization
  • Google Search Console errors
  • Sitemap indexing if needed
  • Broken links review
  • Inspection of Keywords used in important headings and page titles
  • Keyword research example using YOUR chosen tool
  • Check for intentional Call-to-Action prompts
  • How to use the "People Also Ask" SERP feature for guidance
  • Internal linking opportunities
  • Competitive Research example to gather content ideas
  • Competitive Research example to create a backlink profile
  • Evaluate site for irrelevant content that could be hurting your rankings
  • Keyword Cannibalization: how to find them + results review

Client Reviews

"I'm SO GRATEFUL for Christy. 4 months after working together, I was on Page One!"

 Christy has the heart of a teacher and she LOVES seeing her students succeed. She never made me feel clueless (even though I sure felt like it sometimes).  I am SO GRATEFUL for Christy. 4 months after working together, I was on Page ONE! She walked me through things that I got confused about, teaching as she went.  Not only do you get a trusted creative (she's been in the trenches), but you also get a friend who cheers you on from the sidelines!

- Neely, senior photographer

"...Save yourself the time and headache and hire Christy! I'm already seeing a change!"

Christy is worth every penny!
Her audit on my website was so incredibly thorough and detailed. SEO boggles my mind, but she made it easy to understand how it all works and how to optimize my website and content. If you want to improve your SEO and have no idea where to start, save yourself the time and headache and hire Christy! I am already seeing a change in my ranking since working with her!

- Carianne, wedding photographer

"She was very hands on and did the back end work that made it so easy for me!"

I had a fantastic experience working with Christy on the SEO for my website. I was hesitant at first to make such a big investment, but it has so paid off. Christy was so patient and understanding with me and really helped explain all the ins and outs of SEO and the benefits of putting her plans in place. She was very hands on and did the back end work that made it so easy for me! Her videos with step by step guidance and instructions were amazing. I have already gone up several spots on Google search and I owe it to Christy.

- Shawn, portrait photographer

Why I Love this SEO Coaching Approach

This process is slightly different than the others and is, honestly, my favorite way of working together. This SEO coaching program allows me to guide you from your education as an SEO beginner all the way to your final strategies and website fixes as a seasoned SEO entrepreneur.

 We'll have two separate 90-mins video calls together: one after you go through the course and the second after you receive your audit and custom video recordings. This allows you to ask questions at both stages of the mentorship journey!

The coaching Process

How the mentorship works

Step One: Let's talk future.

We'll chat about your specific SEO goals & get you into the course.

Jumping into the SEO world can be a little scary. I get it! This first call together is all about understanding how your website is currently set up, what sort of content you’ve written, and what you want to achieve from this mentorship program. After booking, I'll provide you login info so that you can dive into the SEO Basics Course!

Step Two: Go through the SEO course.

Let's get you in the course and start learning about SEO.

The first part of the mentorship process is focused on your SEO education. You won't learn much from your audits if you don't understand the terminology and what great SEO really means. Getting a detailed understanding of SEO will be a huge benefit to your business and serve you for years down the road.

Step Three: Our post-course call together.

Once you've completed the course, get clarity where you need it.

After you've gone through the entire SEO Basics Course, you'll probably have a few questions. You might need some clarification on a topic or have a question about how a principle applies specifically to your business. We'll have our first 90-mins video call via Google Meet where you can ask me anything! Then we'll finalize your upcoming Audit details.

*Most students take about 2-3 weeks to go through the entire course.

Step Four: Time to get to work.

After a few account setups, I'll perform & film your mega audit.

Once I have access to your website platform and analytics, the real fun can begin! I'll take you step-by-step through my perfected 50+ point checklist. You'll be able to watch me as I work through things like correct SEO settings, keyword research,  competitive analysis, getting content ideas, and tracking your future SEO progress.

Step Five: Resource Delivery

You'll get a private video playlist and detailed notes within 3 weeks!

Once I've finished combing through the pages selected for your audit, I'll upload all of your video recordings to a private online playlist. You'll be able to access your videos from your phone, computer, or even your TV! Be prepared to receive 6-7 hours of video content along with my notes from this giant SEO Technical & Content Audit. Nothing is left out here!

Step Six: Our post-audit call together.

Once you've watched your videos, you'll get to ask me your questions!

The last thing I want to do is to give you all that SEO feedback & knowledge and then leave ya hangin'! So within two to three weeks of receiving your videos, we'll have our second 90-minutes call together. During the call, you can ask me any questions that came to mind as you watched your full website and content audit reviews!

Who is the SEO Mentorship Program For?

You want...

an all-encompassing solution to your SEO frustration & confusion

You struggle to...

understand SEO and how to use it to bring in leads and grow your business

You have...

a website that's ready to help your ideal client fall in love with you

You need...

personalized help and guidance so that you can finally understand SEO

Your SEO Coaching Program

The 1-on-1 help  you need to make things click. Walk away with a whole new skill to grow your business.

+ Access to the full SEO Basics course
+ One Discovery Call prior to Audit to craft your SEO strategy
+ Video screen recordings of entire audit (avg. of 24 videos, 6-7 hrs)
+ Personalized PDF containing all Audit notes
+ Screenshots of main keyword research performed
+ Delivery of all resources within 3 weeks
+ BONUS! Extended 90-mins call after Course to answer questions
+ BONUS! Extended 90-mins call after Audit to review questions
+ BONUS! 5 custom content ideas
+ BONUS! SEO metrics & progress tracking spreadsheet with tutorial
+ BONUS! Content Repurposing Checklist

What's Included :



* Payment plans are available. A retainer will reserve a space for you on my calendar. Must be paid in full for audits to be performed.

Are you ready to finally take charge of your SEO this year?

I'm all in! Let's Go!

Meet your SEO coach

I'm Christy - SEO specialist for creative business owners.

After paying for a professional, expensive website redesign that made false SEO promises AND moving my wedding photography business clear across the country... I quickly (and painfully) realized the importance of SEO.

I then decided to tackle SEO head-on and, in the end, I found a new passion and challenge that I absolutely love.

Now I'm passing on everything I've learned (and continue to learn) about SEO to help my fellow entrepreneurs make their business dreams a reality by increasing their visibility with online search.

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